Posted on Nov 8, 2020


DrummingWithOli FAQ's🥁
Q1: How are you delivering lessons during lockdown?
A: During lockdown, I will be delivering online lessons over video sharing software of the student's choice. From experience, Zoom has been the most reliable software for online lessons, however I am happy to use any other software, if there's another the student would prefer to use.
Q2:How will lessons be delivered after the lockdown?
A2: Lessons after lockdown can either be held online or in person at student's homes in the West Yorkshire area.
Q3: Do you have a studio you can teach from?
A3: Currently, I do not have a suitable space to teach from, however I am in the process of creating a teaching studio, so follow my social media pages to keep up to date with the latest information!
Q4: I do not have a drum kit, can I still have lessons?
A4: Of course!! My lessons can be suited to fit the student, their requirements and the equipment they have access to. All you need for a lesson with me is a pair of drum sticks and something to hit. What students learn with me can be applied to whatever the student has access to. I do highly advise purchasing a practice pad, as this will allow the student to practice with as close to a drum kit as possible, but this is by no means a necessity. A pillow is just as fine!
When teaching in person lessons (COVID-19 allowing), I will bring a spare pair of sticks and practice pad for the student.
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